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What makes SkinMed Unique?

What does it mean to work with SkinMed?

Peter Roberts, Managing Director and Head Trainer at SkinMed® has over 38 years’ experience in skin, biochemistry and microbiology. His expertise led to an approach by General Topics – an innovative Italian dermatological research company, with the involvement of top dermatologists across Europe.

This collaboration led to the creation of clinically proven and unique skin solutions that treat a wide range of dermatological conditions.

Over recent years, we have been the suppliers to the majority of industry award winning clinics, as well as providing training for, and partnering with, many of the best clinics, nurses and doctors in the country; combine this almost two decades of experience and decades of knowledge in dermatology and it’s safe to say you’re in good hands. These are medically licensed and can be privately prescribed or sold by a medical aesthetic clinic.

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We’re different from the rest, here’s how…

Unparrelled customer service

SkinMed are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. We offer advice through our fully trained staff and help in any way possible to en-sure you receive the best advice we can offer. With the support of great products we guarantee to do all we can to help.

Customer Service
Medical Professionals

To be the best, work with the best

8/10 Award Winning Clinics work with SkinMed. We continuously research and improve, striving for perfection to deliver more successful treatment protocols, offering an all-encompassing medical approach.

No one trains like we do

Become a Bespoke Chemical Peeler, change the way you think about chemical remodelling and discover New Aspects in Treating and Conforming Skin in regards to Anti-Ageing, Skin Hydrodynamics,  Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, and many more. With a complete learning resource of Over 700 MSc Approved Slides to take home, and access to our Clinical Marketing Suite, no one trains the way SkinMed does

SkinMed Training
Professor Chu

Diagnostic support and treatment advice

Gain access to Professor Tony Chu, an internationally known expert in all things skin, Professor and Lecturer at Imperial college London and President of the Acne & Rosacea Association UK (ARA UK), whose experience is based on 43 years as a Consultant and 27 years as a Professor of Dermatology.

We prioritise your business

We don’t just sell you outstanding protocols. Take advantage of SkinMed’s Clinical Marketing Suite to promote your business and increase footfall to your clinic.

Prioritising Your Business
Commercial Policy

Business-friendly commercial policies

We don’t discriminate against smaller businesses, we put your needs first – however big or small your clinical practice – with bonus schemes, incentives and marketing support, all tailored to suit you, and support you in getting the most out of your business.

Access to our Customer Database

SkinMed® also offer lighter strength version of our clinic only lines under a different brand name, with the objective of recruiting customers to refer to your clinics. We create bespoke e-bulletins and promotional banners, tailored to your clinic and services, to promote you to SkinMed® retail clients in your catchment area.

Consumer Database
Clinic Marketing

Enhanced Within Clinic Marketing

Gain access to bespoke posters, leaflets, flyers, video and text for use in your clinic for better promotion of your business, as well as advice from our Marketing Team on how to best utilise these in your clinic.
Brand new to this support are our all-encompassing new Protocol Guides Booklets, designed to help you guide your patients through their journey to clear skin and help convert the leads we’ve generated into long-standing customers.

Prefencial Clinic Referral

By adopting SkinMed’s all-encompassing protocols for the treatment of acne, rosacea, pigmentation, anti-ageing, hydration and more, your clinic gains priority status when we refer new clients to their local SkinMed Accredited Clinic, helping to boost footfall and convert patients to aesthetic customers

Patient Referral

Get on board

Working with SkinMed® means more than just supplying industry-leading skin solutions, training and outstanding customer service. We strive every day to be better; better service, better solutions, better innovation. Our objective when you work with SkinMed® is for you to see an increase in awareness in your local community, aesthetic client numbers, customer spend, knowledge, treatment success, profit, standing and reputation.

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