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Should you needle topicals into the skin?

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‘To needle or not to needle’, why you shouldn’t needle topicals into the skin

Frequently we are asked whether we recommend using our Derma FNS® Pen to needle topicals, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides or even Botox into the skin. While this is a common practice, the answer may surprise you

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What really is rosacea?

Firstly, What is It? Rosacea is a long-term skin disorder that causes the facial skin tissue to redden, predominantly on [...]

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Do you use retinol for acne?

Why is everyone going mad for retinol and is it any good?

The weather change is certainly underway, the most common phrase at the moment is "it’s so cold outside”, of course, [...]

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Other Skin Conditions

The worst skin care advice we’ve ever heard

From strict dietary restrictions to crazy home remedies and insanely expensive jars of "miracle” products, it’s fair to say there [...]

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