Welcome to the Skinformation December Edition

Can Christmas really be this month? It seems as though the year has only just started, and yet here we are, nearly ready to start another one – and what a year it’s been!

In this month’s Skinformation, we’ve got lots of exciting news and updates for you:

  • The Derma FNS Subscription Deal – Get your clients Christmas-party-ready with a free brand new Derma FNS Pen
  • COMING SOON SkinVital Retimitate® A.C.E. – Our exciting new super serum proves that imitation is more than just the best form of flattery
  • Christmas Order Deadline – Make sure you’ve got everything on your Christmas list sorted in time
  • Are you on track for your Quarter 3 bonus? – Adopting another of our industry-leading protocols this month could earn you a tidy bonus
  • New Year, New Central Training Dates – We’ll be at a venue near you again next year to deliver our industry-leading training all around the country
  • The ARA UK – Four great reasons to become ARA UK accredited – including getting your accreditation for free of charge


Peter Roberts
Managing Director and Head Trainer, SkinMed®

Derma FNS Subscription Plan

Introducing the Derma FNS® Subscription Plan

Commit to purchase eight boxes of needles over two years, and receive a brand new Derma FNS® Pen free of charge

From day one, get your pen and 30 nibs, and as long as you buy another set of nibs before the end of the second quarter – six months later to the day – you are still complying with the deal. Then, you buy another pack of 30 needles before the end of month nine and then every three months going forward.

This means that if you are worried about not having enough patients, you have an initial six months to build up your clientele – this is something SkinMed® can help you with if you are also investing in our product and peel protocols, by offering our online clinical marketing support.

Initially, you need to use 5 needles a month which will, after six months, rise to 10 treatments a month, the equivalent of…
1 box of needles every quarter
10 needling treatments every month
5 needling treatments every fortnight

Retimitate A.C.E.
Imitation is more than just the best form of flattery

Everyone knows the most potent form of vitamin A is retinoic acid. The problem is that it irritates the skin, makes skin sun-sensitive and also causes inflammation and peeling

SkinMed® will be launching a novel new molecule that delivers all the clinical benefits of retinoic acid, but without the known associated irritation or photo-sensitivity issues; we call it Retimitate® A.C.E.

Retimitate® imitates Retinoic Acid, with no chemical conversion necessary, and results have been startling in terms of the speed of action and the positive benefits; it truly is a game-changer

Derma FNS Subscription Plan

Order in time for Christmas

After another fantastic year, the SkinMed® elves will be on loan up at the North Pole to help Santa get ready for Christmas, and so will be out of the warehouse.

We are therefore advising all clinics to make sure they place any orders before 12 noon on Thursday 19th December, for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

We will continue to ship orders placed after the deadline but cannot then guarantee delivery before Christmas. The elves will be out of the warehouse from Christmas Eve until Thursday 2nd January, when shipping will be resumed.

Call 0333 247 2474 or email enquiries@skinmed.co.uk to place your order now

Quarterly Rewards

We’re now over halfway through our current quarter and, we want to reward all our clinics with our quarterly bonuses.

The end of December marks the end of the quarter, so there’s still time to top up your order to claim your rewards – there’s never been a better time to adopt SkinMed® Protocols

SkinMed Protocols

Call 0333 247 2474, or email enquries@skinmed.co.uk, to find out how you could qualify for your SkinMed quarterly bonus

New Year New Training Dates

We at SkinMed would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended one of our training events this year.

However, for all of you who couldn’t make it – or just want to go again – we’ll have a host of new training dates coming soon in the new year, so that you can become a bespoke chemical peeler, discover new aspects in treating and conforming skin in regard to a myriad of skin conditions, and discuss key facets of skin ageing to enhance your clinical practice.

Our brand new online training is also being filmed as we speak and is accredited for up to 60 CPD points.

Click below to secure your space on the waiting list

Reasons to become accredited

Take your clinical practice to the next level by becoming an Acne and Rosacea Association UK Accredited Clinic

1. Help over 6.5 Million Women Over 30 Suffering from Acne and Rosacea

Did you know that 1 in 10 people have rosacea and that over 85% of people suffer from acne at some stage? You could help change the lives of the sufferers in your local area that also fit your clinic’s demographic, by becoming ARA Accredited.

2. Boost Your Aesthetic Practice at the Same Time

In a pilot study, we found that within 6 weeks of becoming Accredited, clinics tripled their forward bookings. By 18 weeks 84% of were still forward booked for the month ahead, for predominantly with women over 30 for aesthetic appointments

3. Become Part of The ARA UK’s Treatment Centre Network

As well as appearing on SkinMed’s Accredited Clinic Finder, your clinic will also appear on the ARA UK Website as an Accredited Treatment or Advice Centre for sufferers in your local area to find.

4. SkinMed®’s ARA UK Special Offer

Ordinarily, the cost of becoming an ARA UK Accredited Treatment Centre is £300 – this covers the cost of the webinars worth 40 CPD points, hosted by Professor Tony Chu, your complete learning resources, and your Accreditation Pack, which contains your Certificate and various materials to promote your accredited status.

As proud sponsors of the ARA UK, we have a scheme that will enable you to complete your ARA UK Accreditation free of charge, when you attend SkinMed®’s Acne and Rosacea training.

Contact us to find out more

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