A Message from Peter Roberts:

Welcome to the Skinformation Summer Edition… well, it is supposed to be summer

Here at SkinMed®, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for better weather as we countdown to Summer officially beginning so that you can make the most of what we have to offer.

We at SkinMed® are proud to be an innovative company; we don’t simply supply industry-leading skin solutions and outstanding customer service without seeking improvement. We strive every day for perfection, and continuing this innovation is our driving force for the coming year.

Of course, there are some things you can’t count on – good weather being one of them – but you can always rely on us to bring you all the latest news and information:

  • Pigmentation Prophylaxis – A different approach to treating pigmentation to help you and your clients achieve even better results
  • The Derma FNS Pen – Preferred choice of renowned Dermatologist and President of the Acne and Rosacea Association UK, Professor Tony Chu
  • New Training Dates – Get booked onto one of our industry-leading training events for the new year.
  • It’s Acne Awareness Month – Learn more about our industry-leading, all-encompassing Acne Protocol
  • Marketing Corner – Get the latest tips on how to make the most of marketing your clinic
  • The ARA UK – Find out how you could go through your ARA UK Accreditation free of charge

We look forward to working with you through the summer – come rain or shine!


Peter Roberts
Managing Director and Head Trainer, SkinMed®

Pigmentation Prophylaxis

Pigmentation Prophylaxis

We at SkinMed® believe that when it comes to treating pigmentation, the best defence is a good offence

Pigmentation is a difficult skin issue to treat at the best of times, even with an in-depth knowledge of its many forms and how best to address them, while preventing pigmentation is far simpler.

That’s why the all-encompassing SkinMed® Pigmentation Protocol does things differently, by not only controlling existing excess pigmentation but also by building a stronger, healthier skin environment that will be more resistant to pigmentation issues in future.

To find out more about the SkinMed® approach to pigmentation, click below

Derma FNS endorsed by Professor Tony Chu

The Derma FNS Pen, endorsed by Prof. Tony Chu

Did you know that the Derma FNS® Pen is the preferred choice of treatment of Professor Tony Chu, renowned dermatologist, Professor and Lecturer at Imperial College London, and President of the ARA UK?

“I was the first person to use automated needling in the UK and it has revolutionised the treatment of scar revision and facial rejuvenation. The Derma FNS® is the only pen that I use and have done so for many years. It is supremely easy to use and fantastically versatile allowing treatment to all those difficult areas such as the nose, upper lips and even eyelids. Treatment at full speed and 2mm needle length gives brilliant results and after EMLA cream is very well tolerated by patients.

The Derma FNS® gets my thumbs up and my full recommendation.”

Professor Tony Chu

To learn more about why Professor Chu prefers the Derma FNS Pen above all others, simply click below

Chemical and physical remodelling

Bespoke peel, don’t lazy peel with SkinMed’s Chemical & Physical Remodelling

Become a Bespoke Chemical Peeler and change the way you think about chemical remodelling – nobody trains the way we do.

Our next available training date will be in London on Tuesday 13th July in Central London, but spaces are filling up fast, so don’t miss out.

To secure your space and find out how you could also receive a FREE Derma FNS® Pen, normally worth £1000, click below

Can’t Make it to London?

We also several other training dates planned for the coming months in major cities all across the UK. Get in touch to find when SkinMed® will be coming to a city near you so that you too can take advantage.

Chemical and physical remodelling

Marketing Corner

As a part of our Clinical Marketing Suite, we’re now offering some simple marketing tips to help you make the most of promoting your clinic. After all, we don’t just sell you products and protocols, we help you reach new clients to help your business will flourish.

With social media, even the simple things can make a huge difference if you get into the habit of doing them regularly. For instance, do you know what time is best to post on your social media for you to make the greatest impact?

Facebook posting schedule
Instagram posting schedule

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