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Bespoke Protocols

Bespoke SkinMed® Protocols

SkinMed® offer a number of different medically approved, all-encompassing treatment protocols for a variety of skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, pigmentation and anti-ageing that are clinically proven to deliver outstanding results.

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EnerPeel® technology utilises a new, patented carrier solution that restrains, rather than buffers, the acid before it is absorbed into the skin, enhancing its activity. It therefore releases the acid’s protons at a higher skin water content, allowing them to separate in a quicker, ‘cleaner’ way, for enhanced chemical remodelling with minimal downtime.

EnerPeel MA Mandelic Acid chemical peel
Skin Solutions

Skin Solutions

Peter Roberts had over 38 years’ experience in skin, biochemistry and microbiology. This led to an approach by General Topics, an Italian dermatological research company focussed entirely on innovation, with the involvement of top dermatologists across Europe. This collaboration led to the creation of unique, clinically proven skin solutions for a wide range of dermatological conditions.

Automated Dermal Needling

The Derma FNS® is a unique micro-needling pen that creates thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen renewal, providing ultimate rejuvenation. This automated dermal needling treatment uses unique motor technology that fully retracts the needles before reinsertion, rather than relying on a spring mechanism, reducing surface trauma and pinpoint bleeding while still providing maximum results.

Derma FNS

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Working with SkinMed® means more than just supplying industry-leading skin solutions, training and outstanding customer service. We strive every day to be better; better service, better solutions, better innovation. Our objective when you work with SkinMed® is for you to see an increase in awareness in your local community, aesthetic client numbers, customer spend, knowledge, treatment success, profit, standing and reputation.

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