Acne Protocol

SkinMed® TripleLock® Acne Protocol

“The only products to meet the criteria of the ideal acne treatment, addressing all four of the clinical symptoms as well as underlying triggers.”

Professor Tony Chu, Professor and Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London and President of the Acne & Rosacea Association UK


How big is the problem

Acne affects around 85% of people at some stage in their lifetime. That equates to around 9 million people suffering from acne on any given day of the year, of which around 2.5 million fall into the target audience of most aesthetic clinical practices.

The Science and the Solution

Increased oil production and skin thickness lead to hair follicles being blocked by oil and dead skin cells, creating a perfect environment for acne bacteria to breed. SkinMed® Tebiskin® is medically licensed for the treatment of comedogenic and inflammatory acne, targeting all visible symptoms and underlying causes, by controlling oil production, bacteria and inflammation for long-term relief.

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Acne Results

Outstanding Results

An astounding 84% of patients with difficult-to-treat symptoms found that SkinMed® Tebiskin® worked faster and more effectively than antibiotics at reducing oil, bacterial infections and inflammation, proving that SkinMed® Tebiskin® works better than the number one UK acne prescription product, without the associated side effects.

The SkinMed® TripleLock® Approach

SkinMed® Acne TripleLock® is based on three ranges of products; SkinMed® Cera-Boost, SkinVital® Retimitate and SkinMed® OSK. To complete the treatment, and create a bespoke, all-encompassing protocol, they are combined with the power of  SkinMed® EnerPeel®, which utilises a patented carrier solution to deliver key active ingredients deep into the skin for outstanding results with minimal downtime.

Acne TripleLock

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