Rosacea Protocol

Rosacea protocol

Rosacea TripleLock is the preferred choice of Professor Tony Chu

Professor and Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London and President of the Acne & Rosacea Association UK


How common is Rosacea?

Rosacea affects around 1 in 10 adults, which equates to around 5 million people suffering from rosacea in the UK alone, around 4 million of which fall into the target audience of most aesthetic clinical practices.

The Science and the Solution

Synchorose® is medically licensed for the treatment of Rosacea, and clinically proven to address all visible symptoms and underlying triggers using a unique combination of 4 key active ingredients. These work synergistically to build up the skin’s tolerance to internal and external triggers, short-circuiting reddening reactions as they occur while also working to reduce inflammation and irritation

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Rosacea Results

Outstanding results

Clinical trials involved rosacea sufferers who were part of the Rosacea Support Group, all of whom were long-standing sufferers who had tried almost everything else available on the market. After just 8 weeks, an astonishing 75% of these patients with difficult to treat symptoms found the products successful in managing their rosacea, proving Synchrorose® to be more effective than antibiotics

The Complete Protocol

The complete rosacea protocol combines Synchrorose® with Tebiskin® and EnerPeel® MA, forming an all-encompassing treatment that not only addresses the triggers and symptoms of Rosacea but also boosts Ceramides to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and allows partially damaged and dilated blood vessels to function better and contact, due to the vasoconstrictive effect of EnerPeel® MA.

Rosacea Protocol

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