Tebiskin® Ceraboost Body

Rapid hydration and increased epidermal lipid density

Tebiskin Ceraboost body

Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Body Cream normalises epidermal water loss offering improved management of irritated, dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and hypersensitive skin, and is beneficial in all cases of skin dehydration.

Oily skin often occurs as a result of the skin trying to compensate for a lack of moisture, exacerbating the symptoms of face and body acne; Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Body Cream shows excellent results here also.

The Tebiskin® Cera-Boost range are the only products to provide a balanced blend of all 9 key Ceramides, in a perfect ratio with Cholesterol and Fatty Acids in order to improve and restore the skin’s barrier function, and also contains calming and soothing molecules, with the added benefit of visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

“I started the Tebiskin® Cera-Boost and noticed a difference within a day!”

Eloise McDuff

I have suffered from eczema all of my life and have always struggled to find creams that are rich enough to nourish and soft enough to not aggravate my incredibly dry and sensitive skin and cause flare-ups. My eczema is diagnosed as chronic and is incredibly debilitating. I have also recently been diagnosed with urticaria. As the main trigger for my condition is environmental, I am sadly never likely to be able to cure the condition or find anything that will completely manage the affliction… SkinMed®, knowing the condition of my skin have recommended I try the clinical strength Tebiskin® Cera-Boost, which I almost reluctantly tried; I am ever cautious of trying new things due to the sensitivity and chronic condition, for fear of a reaction. I am ever grateful for the recommendation as the Tebiskin® Cera-Boost has worked brilliantly alongside the Nutritime® to calm my skin and manage my frequent flare-ups.”

Gemma Rhodes

“I have been trialling the Tebiskin® Ceraboost for my work The Cosmetic Clinic, King’s Lynn, I had eczema on my hands and fingertips which were cracked, bleeding and very sore! After 2 years of different prescribed steroid creams and moisturisers with no luck, I felt like nothing could clear it.
I started the Tebiskin® Cera-Boost and noticed a difference within a day! I’ve now been using it around 4-5 weeks and it has completely cleared my eczema! I’m very happy with this product.”

Eloise Macduff, The Cosmetic Clinic

“I have finally come to the end of the bottle of Cera Boost (Tebiskin skin) cream you gave me to try and knew you wanted some feedback in it.

I use this at night time after I have applied my prescribed Epiduo cream. I really like it as I feel it definitely replaces any moisture I have lost from my skin, particularly around my mouth and nose area. It also feels non-greasy which is also a bonus, as I can layer it up and get the moisture my skin needs without feeling just pasted in creams. This also means that the following day, j don’t have to use anywhere near as much moisturiser as I used to – therefore it all lasts longer and I don’t end up feeling shiny faced with my makeup on, later in the day.”


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Before and afters incorporating Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Body

Do any of SkinMed®’s products contain parabens or harmful ingredients?

No, absolutely not. SkinMed®’s products are safe to use for all skin types and will not harm your health or your skin – there are no associated side effects with these products.

Can Tebiskin® Cera-Boost be used with other treatments?

Yes, no incompatibilities have been reported. Tebiskin® Cera-Boost should be applied first before other creams.

Can I use Tebiskin® Cera-Boost while pregnant and breastfeeding?

We have no data to support usage or not, and so it is not recommended. Salicylic containing products are not recommended in pregnancy.

Is this product vegan?

To claim that a product is vegan-friendly is difficult for all cosmetics producing companies, we can say, however:

  • We don’t test our products on animals
  • We don’t use raw materials of animal origin (but synthetic ones)
  • We don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals

Why is it then difficult to claim vegan-friendly?

The raw materials have in the past may have been tested on animals by some suppliers in order to check the effect and to establish the effective quantities etc.

Our suppliers are not necessarily among them, but it is difficult to know now who has and hasn’t used animal testing among suppliers.

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If you would like further information about the product’s ingredients or would like to ask any further questions, please contact us.

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