Tebiskin® EGF Body

Wound healing enhancer for loss of skin elasticity

Tebiskin EGF body

Tebiskin® EGF contains Epidermal Growth Factors. Madecassic and Asiatic acid induce a greater up regulation of collagen production. EGFs increase the fibroblast mobility and proliferation, while also enhancing the differentiation of keratinocytes and the direct stimulation of the biosynthesis of fibronectine (elastin) and hyaluronic acid.  

Tebiskin® EGF acts on skin trophism by a specific mechanism of action, based on the effect of epidermal growth factor and the anti-inflammatory effect of Dihydroavenanthramide.

EGF counteracts skin hypertrophy, improve elasticity and firmness following several surgical or medical procedures and whenever a healing and anti-inflammatory effect is required.

“Without a doubt, the Tebiskin® Hyal and Tebiskin® EGF have made a dramatic difference to the natural healing ability.”

Samantha Braby

“I had a bowel resection on the 11th April 2016 leaving a large vertical scar through the centre of my stomach and two small incisions through which cameras were passed. As a cynical aesthetician I decided to use Tebiskin® Hyal and Tebiskin® EGF on the largest scar, and an over the counter well-known brand on one small incision and used the other as a control and left it to heal without treatment. Within six weeks the large scar, which was stapled, is now a thin white line, the small scar which was treated with over the counter remedy is still bright red and the untreated control scar is pink. Without a doubt, the Tebiskin® Hyal and Tebiskin® EGF have made a dramatic difference to the natural healing ability. I am also using both creams on my face, as surgery caused considerable weight loss and lack of nutrition which had a dramatic effect on my skin. So far, I am receiving daily comments on how well I look. I will definitely continue using both these creams on my face. It is cheaper than filler!”

Samantha Braby

“I have been using Skin Med products since March 2016, my skin has had the most wonderful treatment starting with the ‘ 3 Wise Men’ of this high-quality range, Tebiskin® EGF, Tebiskin® Hyal and Enerpeel. Family and friends have noticed the marked improvement in my skin and for me, it has knocked years off looking at pre/post photos.”

Carol Ann Crispin-Chavez, Medsthetics Ltd

Anti-Ageing Protocol

Our Anti-Ageing TripleLock® Protocol works by boosting Hyaluronic Acid levels in the skin, enhancing new structural fibre production and supplementing skin lipids.


Also ideal pre and post treatment prior to stretch mark reduction through use of Dermal automated needling. Enhances results and speeds up the process

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Before and afters incorporating Tebiskin® EGF Body

Do any of SkinMed®’s products contain parabens or harmful ingredients?

No, absolutely not. SkinMed®’s products are safe to use for all skin types and will not harm your health or your skin – there are no associated side effects with these products.

Can Tebiskin® EGF Body be used with other treatments?

Yes, no incompatibilities have been reported. Tebiskin® EGF Body should be applied first before other creams.

Can I use Tebiskin® EGF Body Cream while pregnant and breastfeeding?

All Tebiskin products are officially safe in pregnancy and breast feeding.

However it is recommended to avoid retinol (vitamin A), prescribed forms of retinol or retinol derivates (retinyl retinoate or palmitate, retinaldehyde or hydroxypinacolone retinoate) in pregnancy and breast feeding.

The level of salicylic acid in Tebiskin products is at the cosmetic dose below 2% and so is safe to use in pregnancy and breast feeding, however we recommend against using them in the first trimester unless agreed with your clinician.

Is this product vegan?

To claim that a product is vegan-friendly is difficult for all cosmetics producing companies, we can say, however:

  • We don’t test our products on animals
  • We don’t use raw materials of animal origin (but synthetic ones)
  • We don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals

Why is it then difficult to claim vegan-friendly?

The raw materials have in the past may have been tested on animals by some suppliers in order to check the effect and to establish the effective quantities etc.

Our suppliers are not necessarily among them, but it is difficult to know now who has and hasn’t used animal testing among suppliers.

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If you would like further information about the product’s ingredients or would like to ask any further questions, please contact us.

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